Government stresses the need for good waste management

By Banthu Times Reporter 27/11/2014

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change Management Halima Daudi has Tuesday this week stressed the need for Malawi to manage its wastes properly.
Daudi noted with concern that some big companies in Malawi do not properly manage their wastes such that the lives of vulnerable Malawians are always put at stake.
She made the remarks when she opened a three day National Workshop on enhancing cooperation and coordination for the implementation of the basic conversation on control of trans-boundary movements of hazardous waste and disposals.

“Government is working hard to make sure that this problem is put to an end taking, the example of a scenario of what happened in Japan whereby many people were hurt because of carelessness of companies in waste management,” the Minister said.

Daudi further highlighted that there is need to also ensure that expired goods are well disposed so that they do not cause any harm to people.Minister of Environment and Climate Change Halima Daudi speaking during the openning of a workshop. pic by Felix Washon. MANA.J
“There is need to ensure that expired commodities such as medicine, are well taken care of just to ensure that they do not injure people in any way,” she said.

However, the Minister said even though challenges are there, Malawi is doing well as regards to wastes management, saying there is need to improve in some areas.

According to press statement, one of the objectives of the workshop is to create and improve synergies at national level to contribute a common approach on chemical and waste related issues.
The workshop which has attracted participants from Government as well as non-governmental organizations and the private sector, among other things, seeks to strengthen capacity of chemical Multilateral Environment Agreement (MEAs).