Government planning JB arrest on treason charges, in bid to stop Federalism Movement

By McMillan Chasunda

Mec chairperson swearing in 041

Mec chairperson Mbendera; has given Mutharika fresh reasons for arrestng JB

Reliable sources within the DPP have confided to Banthu Times that President Arthur Peter Mutharika has been agitating for arrest of Joyce Banda as a tit for tat for his arrest in 2013. The president has been pressuring the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB), and the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) to come up with charges against for the former president.

The other reason why the arrest will definitely happen is because there is a growing feeling within the government and the DPP politburo that Dr. Joyce Banda is the one financing the calls of federation spearheaded by the sectors of the northern and central region and therefore arresting her will stop the campaign for federation.

“Failure to arrest Joyce Banda, caused Rezine Mzikamanda to lose his job at ACB as he was considered to be sympathetic to the former president. Even though ACB had indicated that they have no case against Joyce Banda, Mutharika is losing sleep to ensure that the former president spend at least a night behind bars.” Said the source

The first to throw the spanner is the Chairperson of Malawi Electoral Commissioner, MEC who has been used to describe actions by Joyce Banda during the elections as treasonous. The source also indicated that MEC chair has seized the opportunity and assured Mutharika of crucifying Joyce Banda in a meeting that the two had just before the president left for UN general Assembly.

Mbendera is on record to have dislike for former president Joyce Banda for reasons that date far back in 2012 when the later removed him as an Attorney General. When he was appointed MEC chair, he categorically told a group of people he was having lunch with at Casamia Restraunt in Michiru, Blantyre that he will make sure that Joyce Banda loses the elections and pay dearly for that.

It seems the promise of Mbendera has come to pass by orchestrating an election which most commentators said was botched and rigged with him at the Centre of the whole process which eventually Joyce Banda lost

As if that’s not enough, Mbendera has deliberately accused Joyce Banda of Coup de tat so that the government can move in on her and arrest her on treason charges

The source has indicated that the plan is to arrest Dr. Joyce Banda upon her return from abroad where among other things she is being accused of embarrassing the government by her activities at the UN general assembly.

The sources has said that we should expect more calls for Joyce Banda’s arrest in the coming days which will eventually lead to her arrest

“Some members of the civil society including the religious leaders and traditional chiefs have already been lined up to start the process of accusing the former president on the treason charges.” Said the DPP official


  • nambawe

    This article was written ikn October! when is the arrest going to come? stop lying! what a cheap propaganda new paper you are!