Government has been urged to act on cashgate decisively


FND Coordinator, Chodzi

By Staff Reporter

Government has been called upon to act with speed and decisiv on cashgate so that the confidence that development partners had on Malawi should be restored. The call have been made by various commentators both in parliament and outside with the understanding that the cashgate scam is one big challenge affecting the budgetary support and national development of the country

Forum for National Development (FND) Coordinator Fryson Chodzi wondered why the current government of the DPP is showing laxity in dealing with cashgate yet they made bold promises during the campaign to deal with the cashgate.

“As a Civil Society we feel concerned and embarrassed over the cashgate and corruption that has spoiled the reputation of Malawi locally and internationally. As FND we are hopeful that the government will get to the bottom of the issues of cashgate. It’s the FND mission to ensure that the government deals with all case of corruption including the K13billion Baker Tilly report and also the K92billion kwacha” said Chodzi.

Chodzi further requested government to speed up the process of ensuring that all suspects are brought to book without fear of favour of political alignment.

Similar sentiments have been alluded to in Parliament by various speakers while contributing to the budget statement.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera who is also Leader of Opposition told the government to put more action on the issue of cashgate

“We demand more action to bring to book all suspects involved corruption and “cashgate”. While we applaud government in increasing allocation to the law enforcing and accountability institutions, getting to the bottom of the “cashgate” mainly requires strong political will and commitment.” Said Chakwera

He further requested government to name the people behind the cashgate scandal not only focusing on the 2 years of the People’s Party but beyond including the years of the DPP and even UDF

“Provide the names as you promised. “Cashgate” must be seen in the context of a progressive deterioration of fiscal discipline. Therefore, we must demand accountability beyond just the past two years. The architects of corruption, theft of public resources and general fiscal indiscipline are corrupt political leaders and this started in 1994. Corrupt leaders breed a corrupt nation and a corrupt civil service” said Chakwera

Similar sentiments were raised by Zomba Malosa Member of Parliament, Hon. Roy Kachale Banda who requested that the names of cashgate suspects be put in open as he feels that other citizens have been victimized in the process and the nation need to know the truth. Ironically Banda is a son of former president Dr. Joyce Banda whom the DPP government has always portrayed her as a chief architect of cashgate.

The DPP led government pledged to release the names of cashgate suspects as reported in the Baker Tilly report by August 2014 yet up to date the names have not been released.

Malawians feels that the DPP government is failing to act decisively because of two main reasons. The first, being that maybe that the DPP has realized that Dr. Joyce Banda is free of cashgate, hence feels embarrassed that it will be them clearing the former president of wrong doing.

The other reason being that since the calls includes investigation of K92billion kwacha scam of which majority of DPP leaders are involved they are protecting their own party. Malawi is yet to see the completion of cashgate scandal and know the truth as to who were the real mastermind behind cashgate.