Government advised to ban alcohol in sachets


Liquor packed in sachet

By Staff Reporter

Senior Traditional Authority Tsabango in Lilongwe has asked the Government of Malawi to ban spirit liquor packaged in sachets adding more to voices to the have been calling for the banning of the sachets. Tsabango made the request recently at a political rally addressed by President Peter Mutharika held at Masintha Ground in Lilongwe

In his remarks, Tsabango appealed to the President to make sure that the sachets are banned as they are affecting education of the children in the country and also catalysts for gross indiscipline.

“We call upon you to see to it that the spirit liquor packed in sachets must be banned in Malawi. Many children and young people go to school with sachets in their pockets and this make them fail to continue with education” said Tsabango

Of late there have been calls from various sectors of the country calling for the ban of the sachets in Malawi. The proponents for the ban have based their augments on the fact the spirit liquor packaged in sachets is handy and easily accessed by young people because the price is cheap that any other form of packaging.

Bright Kampaundi Executive Director of Youth and Children Rights Shield (YOCRIS) one of the organizations calling for the banning said it is good that gate keepers have joined the battle calling to the banning of sachets in Malawi.

“We are happy that we have new advocate who has joined the campaign calling for the banning for the sachets in the name of TA Tsabango and we are requesting other traditional leaders to join the campaign as this is a nation issue” said Kampaundi

Alcohols Manufactures Association of Malawi recently published an advert in the local daily papers backing that the sachets have advantages which none on the indicated any health related advantage which can be classified as a misleading advert according to Consume Protection Act section 44.

According to World Health Organization, globally alcohol causes 1.8 million deaths, and a loss of 58.3 million of Disability-Adjusted Life Years (DALY). Where there is heavy alcohol use, whether on occasion or over extended periods, alcohol related conditions including alcoholic psychosis, alcohol dependence syndrome, alcohol abuse, alcoholic polyneuropathy, alcoholic cardiomyopathy, alcoholic gastritis, alcoholic liver cirrhosis, and ethanol toxicity and methanol toxicity.