By Agnes Chautaaliko 18/6/15
Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe is at the centre of concealing an audit report which reveals Malawi President fraudulently transferred 25 billion kwacha out of Malawi to Asian nations, sources have said.

According to sources Gondwe has promised Peter Mutharika he will do whatever he can to fool parliament into believing the president’s hands are free. “Gondwe has told him not to worry he will deal with the report in a way that nobody will know who actually stole the money. He met Mutharika after arriving from South Africa and said to him things of finances must be delt with people who are experts in figures.” image

In the mean time the Finance Minister did not tell parliament where is the report he promised but instead he said , “the audit report has some inaccuracies” which raised a lot of eye brows amongst law makers.

Majority of MPs voiced out concerns that sign that Gondwe intends to shield Peter Mutharika at 11th hour. An international auditing firm Pricewaterhouse sanctioned and funded by Germany government and the European Union has mentioned Mutharika as the godfather of cash gate looting in government around 2011.

Gondwe: He borrowed money from NAC to pay  salaries

Gondwe: He is back to his old crooked tricks

Price Water House auditors have carried out investigations trying to trace the companies that Mutharika claimed to have been exporting educational materials to Malawi at the time when Peter Mutharika was a Minister of Edication but both the Taiwan and Singapore authorities have confirmed these companies were owned by same Peter and Bingu wa Mutharika registered on 7th October 2006 as foreign investors.

This means that Mutharika brothers conned the nation believing the country was importing materials from Asian countries while money ended up into their personal bank accounts some transfers into the USA and Australia.

Leaked information from the Pricewaterhouse Coopers, which was sanctioned by the Germany government, have showed that the regime was externalizing K20 million everyday through various ministries authorised by Bingu wa Mutharika and or either Peter Mutharika.