First Cashgate Convict linked to DPP Government


Convict Namathanga Senzani (Pic Coutesy of Nysatimes)

By Gouthrey Gondola

The Former Principle Secretary in the Ministry of Toursim, Treza Namathanga Senzani, has become the first person to be convicted and sentenced of plunder and theft of public resources otherwise known as cashgate. Ironically, Senzani Namathanga is a sister of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of Parliament of Phalombe South Anna Andrew Namathanga Kachikho, which further cement the direct involvement of DPP officials in the cashgate

Senzani has been slapped with three years’ imprisonment with hard labour (IHL) in line with section in line with Section 21 (1) of Corrupt Practices Act. This is on the first account of corruption and fraud. She has also been sentenced to nine months IHL on the second charge of theft by public servant who is contrary to Section 278 of the penal code

Delivering the ruling, Judge Ivy Kamanga observed that Namathanga Senzani who was both public officer and a controlling officer at the same time, misappropriated government resources amounting to K63, 542, 983.30, which was deposited to her account trading as Visual Impact. The judge further said that Namathanga Senzani well knew that Visual Impact was her own account and she had abused her powers as a head of Internal Procuring Committee of her ministry.


Senzani Namathanga House

The money was deposited into her account regardless of the fact that there were no services rendered to government on 21 August 2013.

Lawyer representing her, Necton Mhura, who is a Partner with Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale said will repeal the case. Some argued that there was a conflict of interest especially that the current AG is the one who had started presenting the case.