By Ethel Gunde 22/10/2013

DPP President Peter Muntharika became the subject of booing in Dwangwa after he lied through his front teeth telling the crowd that there was plenty of petrol and diesel when DPP was governing. Banthu Times has learnt. According to reports, the crowd were treated to a shocking lie by Prof Peter Muntharika as he grabbed the microphone repeatedly claiming,”there is no petrol in this country, it was us DPP who brought plenty of petrol and diesel for you.” As confident as he sounded the booing too got louder and louder dismissing his blatant lie causing people to look at each other in shock and wondering what has gone wrong with the political memory bank of Professor Peter Muntharika.

The personal assistants had to pass him a hand written note warning him to change the topic to stop the booing because as a matter if fact the whole Malawi knows it is DPP which brought the misery of Diesel Petrol Palibe syndrome that fractured the economy and halted production in many industries in Malawi.
” We were very shocked, he shamelessly started telling people, ” DPP will bring back fuel , there will be plenty of petrol and diesel once am given a chance.” Why we were booing him is for him to find himself in Dwangwa it means he used petrol and fuel is already plenty in Malawi. He has forgotten it is our Predient Dr Joyce Banda who gave the people of Malawi hope by resolving the fuel crisis that caused so many deaths in Malawi due to government operations coming to stand still, no ambulances to pick people in cases of emergency but we wondered why forgetting all these and making broad day lids.” Said Wanamgwa Nkama who attended DPP rally.
“This man has no common sense, he made a fool of himself here in Dwangwa when he lied to all of us that there was plenty of fuel previously , may be he means plenty of fuel in Ndata not in Malawi those days. He is a shame to the people of Malawi. I can never vote for this party , I am happy we have a woman of integrity Dr Joyce Banda, she says what she means and when she took over as President, she resolved the fuel crisis within one week. It is time Malawians we must open our eyes, better with Joyce Banda than these men with egos who can lie as always to make us like them.” Said Martha Kondaine from Dwangwa. image

Official figures of poverty during DPP era
According to the United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Report betweeen 2004 and 2011 about 74 per cent of the population lived below the income poverty line of US$1.25 a day and 90 per cent below the US$2 a day threshold. The proportion of poor and ultra-poor during president Bingu wa Muntharika was highest in rural areas of the southern and northern parts of the country
Bingu’s poverty and looting
Prof Bingu wa Muntharika became president of Malawi while he had one minibus, in that minibus bisiness he had no money to hire a conductor , sometimes he would take turns with his children being a conductor, however the money coming from minibus business was going from hand to mouth and life became unbearable until he sold his entire United Party to UDF to team up with corrupt President Bakili Muluzi to run for presidency on UDF ticket in what others viewed as an unholy allience. imageAt that moment his brother Peter Muntharika now President of DPP was struggling to pay bills in the United States of America after lecturing hours were reduced due to reports of university students complaining that his lectures were boring and most of them couldn’t get his points in legal studies due to the way he made himself heard.

As an American citizen Peter Muntharika was on the verge of signing up to start withdrawing his pension but all retirement plans were set aside the moment Bingu Wa Muntharika, his brother was elected as the president of one of the world poorest countries where progress towards reaching the Millennium Development Goal of eradicating extreme poverty had been limited. But within a short space of time 61 billion kwacha had been stolen from government coffers.

However Presdient Joyce Banda has reduced the poverty index from 74% during the times of Bingu Wa Muntharika to 59% and has reduced the maternal morbidity rates matching with countries of great health developments in the world.

“There are two kinds of people in this world, those who are good at talking and lying like the likes of Peter Muntharika and Ntaba and those who are performers and deliver the results, Dr Joyce Banda is a genuine leader we can all be proud of.” Said Stanwell Chisale from Lilongwe who used to support MCP but has converted himself to support President Joyce Banda’s party saying, ” she is an amazing leader, an action oriented woman, Malawi is blessed to have her as a president.”