By Banthu Times Reporter 19/02/2017

Three years doen the line Malawi remains a country without leadership. Those who call themselves leaders the likes of Peter Mutharika who have failed to live up to their expectations. Banthu Times can comfortably say that current president Peter Mutharika is a failure who was only obsessed with getting into power by all means to the extent of rigging elections and burning warehouses where votes were kept to avoid being caught.

Dr Joyce Banda -Visionary Leader

Dr Joyce Banda -Visionary Leader

At the moment there is rampant corruption under his leadership and the reason he is failing to take action against the likes of Dr Chaponda is because he is very much involved in corruption that is why he set up a commission of enquiry hoping they were going to clear Chaponda only to end up with an egg on his face when the commission of enquiry recommended criminal investigations on Chaponda.

In contrast to inept and corrupt Peter Mutharika Dr Joyce Banda made it clear that she would spare no one involved when she was president and all people involved were arrested and some of tyem have been convicted. This is why Dr Joyce Banda remains the best and honest leader Malawi has ever had.

We do not need to mention the excellent economy, great electricity lighting up the country and good water development when she was in charge. Regrettably all these developments have failed under Peter Mutharika due to poor leadership and corruption under his presidency.
Dr Joyce Banda remains the visionary and best leader Malawians are already missing.