DPP North in Shambles

Goodall Gondwe

Goodall Gondwe

The ruling Democratic Progress Party’s northern region wing is slowly collapsing and set on a collision course with its leadership.

Over the weekend, the party’s youth cadets walked out on party gurus who included Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe, after they differed on several issues that were raised during the meeting.

An angry Gondwe with other senior party officials, immediately suspended the 20 cadets who walked out.

DPP Regional Governor Kenneth Sanga confirmed the development in an interview with Banthu Times.

“The cadets walked out of the meeting and said that they were not seeking audience with the ministers. They didn’t say what they are angry about or what they want,” he said.

Gondwe together with fellow minister Jappie Mhango called for a meeting to hear out the youth cadets.

DPP lost miserably in the northern region and has been trying to rebuild and make the party strong since it took over the reins of power from the People’s Party (PP)