CORRUPTION Documents Involving Vice President Saulos Chilima, Kasambara, Goodall Gondwe Disappear days Before Lutepo Issued a Statement to Clear Chilima and Kasambara

By Banthu Times Reporter 21/07/2014

All documents relating to Vice President Saulos Chilima and his close friend Ralph Kasambara’s involvements in cash-gate looting have been removed from courts records and other public institutions

Chilima has been named as main actor in the cash-gate looting with his friends Namata and Former Attorney General Ralph Kasambara and revelations by the International auditors he and his cohorts are the main suspects of theft of public funds have been causing him sleepless nights.

Chilima met with fellow suspect Ralph Kasambara and made a pact to clear their names through deceit and blackmail and immediately Kasambara made contacts with courts and public institutions threatening to sue anyone who brings out documents where he and Saulos Chilima are mentioned as suspects in the cash-gate looting of public funds. The files with vital evidence have since then disappeared.

Kasambara since he started working on his assignments has issued a warning with unspecified attacks and threatened Oswald Lutepo to change his version of the statement so Kasambara and Chilima can be cleared. Lutepo has since issued a statement, taking advantage of a change of government, that he made the statement under duress almost eight months after sworn affidavit of his statement implicating Ralph Kasambara.

Kasambara who is working behind the scenes for Malawi President Peter Mutharika was given a go ahead to compel Oswald Lutepo to sign a change of version statement that will divert attention from the Vice President and a check at the High Court Registry revealed that all the documents relating to the matter have been removed.

Gondwe and all government cohorts in clearing each other of corruption scandal

Gondwe and all government cohorts in clearing each other of corruption scandal

An official at the High Court Registry told Banthu Times in confidence that agents of Chilima and his lawyers connived with some court officials to hide the documents with key evidence so the case will be thrown out, ” this is why the treason involving the Midnight Six case has been thrown out as the files went missing soon after Mutharika was sworn in. Ralph and others worked on behalf of Peter Mutharika in making the files disappear but because they know their reputation is at stake they have forced Lutepo to change statement and implicate the former leader so to confuse the whole case and for DPP government to gain some popularity. If you don’t know Kasambara is also responsible for working behind the scenes to clear Goodall Gondwe of the Fertliser Coupon Corruption case as all files have disappeared.”