By Agnes Chautaaliko 27/6/15
It is now unbecoming behaviour for a whole president like Peter Mutharika to be exhibiting complete obsession with the name of Dr Joyce Banda. It seems every time he is faced with a crisis he resorts to hallucinating that it is Dr Joyce Banda’s fault. No this sort of delusion from a head of state must stop and he must now move on to chase his own demons which are failure to lead by example and committing abuses of government resources/ corporate theft then blaming others.
Dr Joyce Banda is no longer the president and it is your job Mr President to focus on what you can offer the nation. Talking about Dr Joyce Banda everyday makes you look like not a real man because real men have no time for this rubbish. You happen to have a personality clash with the former president that very step you take it won’t be completed without deluding yourself Dr Joyce Banda is against you. Mr President, you started long ago chasing the woman who has nothing to do with you. The moment you took over power through fraud you started smearing her name with lies that she was behind cashgate to the extent that you gave your information minister to fabricate a fake CCTV footage implicating JB. We expected you as a leader of the nation to condemn such heinous acts but alas what a disappointment, you remained tight lipped despite the whole country condemning this unbecoming behaviour.image

The next thing you did was to go and write graffiti in the police cells blaming Dr Joyce Banda for your arrest. You were reminded by right minded thinking people that what you did in smuggling the body of your brother to South Africa naming him Daniel Phiri while you knew he was long dead was not only evil but complete foolishness in the eyes of our African culture. But unrepentantly you uttered very strange statements that Dr Joyce Banda sent some doctors to poison you, you were also condemned all left and right by the majority of Malawians. You seem to have such a hatred for the woman leader by consistently coming up with stories that are very hard to believe by anyone with common sense.

But you never stopped there, you went ahead to send your information minister Nankhumwa to utter statements that Dr Joyce Banda had something to do with the death of your dictator brother Bingu wa Mutharika. These false allegations were not only bad coming from your office but they revealed you are honouring evil plans in your heart to victimise the former president.

Recently the audit report came out from the Pricewaterhouse coopers but you stayed with it for two weeks without releasing it to the public for reasons best known to you and Goodall Gondwe as well as Auditor General. The report which was meant to be forensic audit came out as a data analysis. Only ignorant people can be fooled by your ill motives because if your office managed to manufacture fake CCTV footage and make false allegations against Dr Joyce Banda what can make people believe you have now changed so we can trust your reports which cannot be independently verified with Pricewaterhouse coopers?
Following this you went to Mozambique and you are saying you are impressed former presidents are living in peace with the president what a joke! You and your brother tortured Bakili Muluzi for seven years, you and your brother put Cassim Chilumpha under house arrest on fake treason charges, you are the one who failed to live in peace with university lecturers when you were minister of education and you even spied on them and who can be surprised to hear that your childish attitude of victimising others hasn’t changed as everyday even in your bathroom all you think about is how to victimise Dr Joyce Banda.

You are now smiling coldly calling for Dr Joyce Banda to come home while deep down in your heart you have evil plans. Mr President we know you have evil plans which you carry against Dr Joyce Banda. You get disturbed when you hear good news about her and you feel jealousy that despite leaving the highest office in Malawi Dr Joyce Banda still commands respect hence this thuggery behaviours of fabricating things against her name. But Malawi is not interested in your nonsense behaviours, Malawi wants development and transparency and if you are indeed with good plans please start working than wasting our time with your childish stories of Dr Joyce Banda. You are the one who has a psychological problem and you need to move on and start governing than feeding the nation with your bickering attitude.

You are crying like a little baby, “Oh Joyce Banda didn’t attend my inauguration blah blah blah! Oh the former president is causing negative publicity on me!” What a shame, did you attend her inauguration? When she was president and asking people from all parties to attend national prayers did you attend one? When she was president are you not the one who went to the market and bought bonya to embarrass Dr Joyce Banda? Are you not the one who refused to attend all meetings arranged by Dr Joyce Banda? So what nonsense are you talking about that she didn’t attend you inauguration? You didn’t even win the election, you committed fraud which is not only punishable in Malawi so stop this political bickering and move on. Unity will start with you not Dr Joyce Banda.

When you are a leader, you are supposed to be a leader, providing exemplary leadership to the nation as whole. Somebody needs to put sense in you and tell you the truth that you are acting like a baby not a leader it’s time you start acting like a leader and leave Dr Joyce Banda alone!