Chakwera and MCP nepotism makes DPP to look like saints


Chakwera, full of nepotism?

By McMillan Chasunda
In surprise move and twist of event, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has just reaffirmed that MCP is a party of Central Region and chewas through his appointed shadow cabinet. Chakwera on Monday, September 22, named a 20 man shadow cabinet for the MCP which aims to provide alternative policy direction for the party
However, Chakwera has surprised most Malawians with his choice of the cabinet which is full of people from the central region especially chewas. Out of the 20 people in the shadow cabinet, 17 are from central region while one person is from the Southern Region and 2 from the north.
“Chakwera and MCP has behaved as a hypocrites, they were in the news accusing President Mutharika and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as being nepotism when appointing the cabinet with a majority of people from the Southern Region. They should have been the last people to follow the same trend and just have a cabinet from central region.” Commented one Civil Society leader opting for anonymity
Antony Phiri, a Lilongwe resident also condemned Chakwera and MCP on the move as being counterproductive and just reaffirming that Malawi politics is on regional and tribe basis.
“We have the DPP full of Lhomwes and people from the South, and we have MCP a party for Chewas. What about other tribes? Is this what we should have expected with MCP in power? What difference is there between the DPP and MCP? Should DPP nepotism be condemned yet condone their own nepotism?” wondered Phiri
The move by Chakwera and MCP has also cemented the proponents of federalism especially from the Northern Region of Malawi saying that the two major political parties in Malawi continue to think from their own regions and tribes
“What MCP has done offers no hope for people of either the Northern Region or Southern Region. MCP has just shown that they are as bad as DPP when it comes to nepotism and regionalistic thinking. This justifies the call for federalism that would also empower other regions and tribes to manage the development of their regions.” Said Maxwell Munthali an ardent supporter of federalism based in Mzuzu