Cabinet Reshuffle: End of UDF and DPP Alliance?

By Cynthia Moyo 13/4/15
Three days after Cabinet reshuffle took place on Friday 10th of April 2015 there has been wider speculations about the future of UDF President Atupele Muluzi and the party’s alliance with DPP, is this the beginning of the end of their marriage of convenience? We dig deeper into this question please scroll down.

For every relationship there is give and take scenario and here we are talking about the relationship between UDF and DPP. The relationship was borne out of desperation on both sides, DPP to get into government with a majorly and UDF to taste the sweetness of power but as time passed that relationship is now on it’s tethering end. What has happened?

Banthu Times can reveal that, according to confidential information leaked by state house sources these anticipated changes are just one of the more changes that are yet to come in the coming months as right now tensions are high between Mr Atupele Muluzi, his father Bakili Muluzi and Peter Mutharika are growing.

“The situation is getting tense and out of control right now. Atupele is asking where is his Vice President post? This was the agreement made between Mr Muluzi and Mutharika on 28th May 2014 and Atupele is worried Muntharika used him for nothing as he knows at this stage even if he goes back to UDF or be permanently removed from his Cabinet, Atupele has no where to go and make noise, he has been weakened. The strategy to destroy UDF is what Mr Bakili Muluzi did in 1999 he appointed late Chakufwa Chihana into the cabinet and that was just the beginning of the end of AFORD. It is impossible to fight from within and senior UDF officials are considering announcing a split from DPP but they are all waiting for Muluzi to start which is not happening.” our source said.
“The fact is by today Atupele was going to be Vice President and that’s why he felt he was close to hierarchy of power when they gave him the ministry of energy and mining but now he feels abandoned at the bottom and he is left in an awkward situation where all those promises that he would be the successor to Mutharika other than Saulos Chilima are just not happening.”

Other sources from UDF have stated that the change in positions are because Peter Muntharika has found the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining to be much of beneficial to him and that he intends to use the ministry for self enrichment just like his deceased brother who had a secret contract with Kayelekera to exploit the mining of uranium and give him a share of 5 million us dollars every year.

This could be the reason Mutharika has chosen his nephew Mr Msaka is Muntharika’s right-hand man to head the ministry fearing Atupele may spill the beans when their marriage of convenience between UDF and DPP ends.

The cabinet which was reshuffled on 10th of April 2015 ended up moving three position in which Bright Msaka was moved to replace Muluzi in Natural Resources, Energy and Mining while Muluzi replaced Paul Chibingu in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security and while Chibungu replaced Msaka in Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development.