By Agnes Chautaaliko 23/6/15
Pressure is mounting on Malawi President Peter Mutharika to allow government to release a full audit report regarding the theft of 92 billion kwacha or risks consequences.

So many inconsistent remarks from government regarding the audit report have triggered representatives of USA, Britain, Germany and EU to intervene calling on government to release a full report to the public as a matter of transparency or face serious consequences.

The Germany, USA and British ambassadors called on Mutharika at state house telling him he must not obstruct the release of the audit report as sources reveal Malawi President Peter Mutharika was also warned to consider stepping aside and face questions of money laundering, fraud and theft of billions of kwachas following information that about 150 billion kwacha (almost 60 billion more than the original figure) was looted.
An international auditing firm Pricewaterhouse sanctioned and funded by Germany government and the European Union has mentioned Mutharika as the godfather of cash gate looting in government around 2011. However government of lately is playing hide and seek with the public as Minister of Finance and Auditor General are deliberately misleading the public the report is not completed”

A senior Auditor at Pricewaterhouse coopers has divulged, ” There is no way mzungu can pay us billions of kwachas for nothing. They paid us to audit how the money was stolen and find the culprits. It is true most transactions show Peter Mutharika and a group of Asian traders. Mutharika family externalised more money outside Malawi than one year aid money for the poor people. Germany officials have cautioned us to not interrupt government if it wants to forge or tamper with the report but there are serious consequences after that.”
Pricewaterhouse coopers auditors have carried out investigations trying to trace the companies that Mutharika claimed to have been exporting educational materials to Malawi at the time when Peter Mutharika was a Minister of Education but both the Taiwan and Singapore authorities have confirmed these companies were owned by same Peter and Bingu wa Mutharika registered on 7th October 2006 as foreign investors.

This means that Mutharika brothers conned the nation believing the country was importing materials from Asian countries while money ended up into their personal bank accounts some transfers into the USA and Australia. Meanwhile Finance Minister and Auditor General have been privately contacted by the ambassadors of Britain and Germany to go ahead and present a full report if they want donors to continue helping the nation. It is understood Gondwe and Mutharika are holding on to the obvious lie that the report is incomplete but that has already attracted anger from the general public as information from the Pricewaterhouse Coopers has shown that Peter Mutharika was externalizing K20 million everyday through various ministries authorised by Bingu wa Mutharika and or either Peter Mutharika.

  • Tiona Mall

    This information is a total lie and unfounded ! We will wait to prove you wrong