BBA ice queen, Cleo, to perform at City of stars this weekend

By Ethel Gunde 25/09/2013

BBA, the chase, housemate, Cleo, famously known as ice queen will this weekend perform at lake of stars event called city of stars in Lilongwe, at the sanctuary lodge.

The Zambian Hip hop singer, will join a number of international and local musicians like lucious Banda and poets the likes of Q Malewezi , at the brand new festival, as lake of stars celebrates its 10th anniversary.

The director of city of stars, will Jameson has confirmed that Cleo and some many more musician have confirmed their presence as such people should expect to have a good time.

“We have been putting everything into place for the past months, and now everything is good to go. All the international artist have confirmed thier presence and will soon be arriving in the country.” will Jameson.

On that note he has edged all Malawians to patronize the event in large numbers as it will be nothing but the best.

“This year we are taking rather a different approach, I can call it an art festival as there will be music, comedy, poetry and theatre. Also different from what we normally do it is happening in the city, but this should not make you think it will be less of what we normally do.” Jameson.

Jameson also pointed out that parents should be their children as they have also organized child friendly programs and activities.

in June, this year lake of stars announced that it will hold a city based festival called city of stars to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

This is a different approach from what normally happens, whereby the functions takes place at the lake.

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