By Agnes Chautaaliko 26/6/15
Political analysts have said the secrecy of government on the release of the so called cashbook data analysis findings might be government’s tactic to shift public focus away from the theft of public funds by Senior DPP figures including Malawi President Peter Mutharika and his family.

Mutharika: Was implicated in the first house dea

Mutharika: Sanctioned a fake reconstructed data analysis report in Auditor General’s office to escape from prosecution

Chancellor College Political Analysts said, “We are very suspicious of the two weeks gap in between getting the report from Pricewaterhouse Coopers and handing the report to parliament. The gap in terms of time it has taken to release the report shows government had something to hide because the President has been implicated. This is more evident when the report title suddenly changed from forensic audit to data analysis covering the years 2012-2013 where Germany counterparts, Britain had already carried out the audit through Baker Tilley and suspects are answering charges.”

“Now the government knowingly it was faced with a constitutional crisis following the report implicated Malawi President Peter Mutharika, the only way would have been to invent another report in the Auditor General’ office and leave the country with confusion that there was more theft during the other government than the other. If government wanted to be honest and transparent it would have been made it possible to let Pricewaterhouse Coopers feed the public with findings and not sign a secrecy agreement where only the auditor General am employee hired by the president in question to see the report.” Said one political commentator Frank Taulo

Goodall Gondwe:  Behind the faking of report to shift the public anger from Peter Mutharika

Goodall Gondwe: Behind the faking of report to shift the public anger from Peter Mutharika

“They are trying to kill that story that Peter Mutharika and DPP government senior figures stole money from government by rewriting the report and putting more figures of theft where no audit was taking place, it’s a sinister attempt to tag People’s Party and it’s leader to the story to save a corrupt president. If it’s not a sinister attempt the contract to conduct forensic audit must be between the people of Malawi ( not the auditor General) and the hired firm of auditors carrying out investigations.” Said the analysts.

Government’s reconstructed report has become a circus of social media outbursts as angry citizens are saying, ” We all know there was corruption in the past government and suspects are in court but this government is failing to arrests it’s own people including the president who is implicated. Comparing when money was stolen most in order to divert public focus while being secret on the handling of the report shows there is something bogus about the report. If it’s genuine suspects connected to DPP’s time of looting would have been arrested and the report would not have been written by a government which is being accused of corruption.”

More revelations show that Bingu made agreement with an Australian company exploring uranium at Kayerekela in Karonga, the Paladin not to pay duties and taxes for their goods and services in the country.

Instead all the duty and tax money should be deposited into Bingu family’s private account in Australia as personal kickback. As per the agreement, Paladin was doing exactly that.
Meanwhile Actionaid have ordered Paladin to list their remittances into Bingu’s account and the money they were supposed to pay Malawi government as taxes and duties.

Other information shows Peter Mutharika travelled five times to Asian nations to launder money stolen from government. The conduct of government to reconstruct a fake report to tag the name of former government is another evidence of desperate attempt to conceal the truth from the public.MCP
MP Hon Chakwantha has also condemned government for faking information. He said, ” we never asked for a data analysis report. The agreement was a forensic audit and we know government is not being honest but trying to protect individuals by coming up with a fake report.”