Analysis by Ingrid Salato 11/4/15

When people promise you bread and butter for covering up their dirt one expects the promises to remain intact but in this case the family of Bakili Muluzi appear to have been deceived and used as condoms in particular Hon Atupele Muluzi.

It was like an early bird catching a worm when the president of UDF abandoned his protests against the Malawi Electoral Commission in the manner fraud was tolerated when he joined DPP as a partner in running the country. When Mr Muluzi joined the alliance without approval from fellow members of UDF he was promised he would be the successor to Peter Mutharika and his father was promised he will have ongoing corruption charges dropped but what is currently happening suggests the Muluzi’s are dribbled and possibly used as political condoms. Politician-Peter-Mutharika

At first Atupele was made Minister of Energy and Mining and if he thought that was best position in government he must have been blind for sure. The position according to reliable sources at state house was meant to destroy Mr Muluzi’s CV and it seems to have worked. During his time as a minister of energy and mining there had been lots of blackouts than never before and there is nothing Mr Muluzi will brag about to have achieved. Now cunning Peter Mutharika is sending him to head the ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security, what does that say in terms of Malawi politics? In terms of Malawi politics Atupele and his father are doomed. Again he has been set up to fail in another ministry as Mutharika and his DPP cohorts know security is the main issue to dent his image and his party so the best way to shield himself from blame is to throw in Atupele that means any gaps in securities DPP will claim no responsibility and shift the blame to Atupele and UDF.

Muluzi: Wants more from Peter

Muluzi: Wants more from Peter

This is the reason why Atupele Muluzi will regret the day he joined the alliance. Would the situation be different if he was made second Vice President? Of course yes, being second VP means above ministerial duties and being an overseer of operations than being a mere minister and this is the reason Atupele’s father Mr Bakili Muluzi is furious with APM for not sticking to the promise.
What next? Our political scientists are sadly silent on this matter but any right minded person would advise Mr Muluzi to stop fooling himself and his party supporters that DPP has changed,UDF is stronger on its own than with DPP and if he decides to end UDF for the sake of DPP that will be political suicide.

DPP will use Mr Atupele Muluzi and his father as much as it suits them and when they have used them enough as a condom, they will be dumped and thrown away possibly Mr Bakili Muluzi will end up facing serious corruption charges, getting convicted and sent to prison when he thought DPP and Mutharika can be trusted.

Wakusina khutu ndi munansi!