APM Should stick behind the desk


Under fire, Mutharika

By Fanizo Chauma

If the outburst by President Peter Mutharika in the three political mass rallies he has carried out in the recent weeks in the cities of Blantyre, Mzuzu and Lilongwe are anything to go by, then the best that Mutharika can do in the remainder of his tenure would be to spend most of his time behind the desk. The three rallies have just exposed how inadequate Mutharika is and if he continues in the path thus taken he might find himself being hated more and more.

Seriously, what he said in the just ended rallies are not worthy the salt from the president. To begin with, how can the whole president who has just served three months would think that the first public outing would be to declare that he will stand in 2019. Does the president want us to spend the next five years politicking?

Secondly, Instead of counting his luck and thanking former President Dr. Joyce Banda for allowing him to contest as a Presidential candidate which he eventually won ( or steal?), President Arthur Peter Mutharika finds it wise to be telling a lie and to make matters worse at the podium.

There is no single Malawian and any person world over who does not understand the role that Mutharika played in trying to have a coup de tat in April 2012. If that was not criminal then Mutharika, a renowned professor of law owes Malawi and explanations what it was.

Mutharika has the weak laws to thank and possibly the good warmheartedness of Dr. Joyce Banda who eventually allowed him to contest the elections, otherwise people of his caliber truth be told do not belong to the state house but rather Maul, Chichili or Zomba prison. While the treason cases have been dropped, that in itself does not mean you are innocent of the charges Your Excellency.

I say this without fear or regrets, to date am still convinced that Peter Mutharika is a mistake happening in Malawi and he should not have been allowed to contest as a president in the first place. I imagine if in place of Dr. Joyce Banda and the reigns of power was with his late brother, would Peter have stood a chance to stand in the elections? We are all aware of how Bingu stopped Muluzi in contesting in 2009.

For a man who doesn’t have regard for constitutional order when he wanted to use the back door in April 2012 to assume power, how can he protect the same constitution? Furthermore, Mutharika has a string of cases hanging over his shoulder on how he abuse power during his brother’s reign when he acquired houses from Malawi Housing Corporation and Lilongwe City Council way under the value of the market.

Furthermore his appetite for power was for all to see when as a mere minister could be using the presidential helicopter to carry out Ministerial duties. In contrast, he would shy away when his ministerial responsibilities were being called into action as when it did during the infamous academic freedom saga and him as a Minister of Education

Free advise Mr. President; enjoy the ride while you can and still remember that close to 66% of the population rejected you. Furthermore of the claimed 34% that voted for you, I don’t have doubts in my mind that half were cooked up votes. I still believe that you got into the state house using crooked means and I stand to be collected when evidence point otherwise.

But you and I know for sure that is an impossible task especially when ballot papers are suddenly burnt when the court rules for the recount. However, I have solace that come rain of sunshine, no matter how long it takes, the truth of what happened from the 20th to 30 May of 2014 will one day be known. It should be your prayer and mine, for the sake of you that should be beyond 2019 otherwise unfortunate events of 2012 God forbid should not befall Malawi again.

Mr. President, your brother late Bingu wa Mutharika won the 2004 election with similar margin like yours but went on to win the hearts of majority of Malawians by the way he handled himself and how he acted on business than how he talked. Bingu made sure to let the work of his hands bear his testimony not his words. You might wish to borrow the same. You will not buy the 64% of Malawians through bad mouthing Dr. Joyce Banda or cooking up misfounded stories that somebody wanted to kill you. If the government wanted you dead, you would have been dead that the fact.

By the way, don’t you think that now you are in power, Malawi and the world can hear your side of the story on what happened in April 2012. You can begin by answering as to when did Bingu really died? Who was in control for the three days from the fateful 5th April until Joyce Banda became a president? I believe until you explain yourself Mr. President, the whole world will look at you as a man who was served by the bell of the next classroom While at it, can you government also explain what happened to Roberts Chasowa since you were in power?

Disclaimer: The views expressed are those of author writing in his own capacity