APM Challenged on Security


Mutharika must walk the talk on crime

By Gauthely Gondola

Malawi President Arthur Peter Mutharika has been challenged to deal with the insecurity and increased spate of crimes rocking the country rather than just talking. The call has been made by citizens following Mutharika’s sentiments on the same during the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) rally at Masintha ground in Lilongwe on Sunday, 7 September.

Forum for National Development (FND) Coordinator Fryson Chodzi has called on the president and indeed the government to deal with the security lapse in the country.

“The situation has become pathetic and worrisome with people living in fear. Almost every day we hear about robberies and some of them fatal where able citizens have lost life on the hands of these criminals.” said Chodzi

“At the rate we are going, one would not be surprised to see vigilante justice as the people are by and by losing trust in the state security machinery” he added

Malawi in the past 3 months has been rocked with a series of armed robberies and various theft cases with some even most darling cases.

The most recent robbery was the Mzuzu Standard bank where money equivalent to K500million (US$1.3) was stolen in a Hollywood like thriller. The robbers drove over 100 kms from Mzuzu until they were intercepted by Jenda MRA officers when they were suspected to be duty evaders. Surprisingly, from Mzuzu to Jenda, the robbers had to pass through two police check points at Chikangawa and Raiply.

Just recently the police have reported several armed robberies, murders and car jackings, creating fear and panic among Malawians.

Other recent cases of robbery include the following;

  • August 9 where a businessman Brian Story who lost K8m cash, two laptops and three high-tech mobilemalawi-police1 phones worth K936, 000 to armed robbers who stormed his residence in Likuni at midnight. In an interview Story recalled that about fifteen men armed with pangas and other metal objects stormed his residence, broke the main door and went straight into the house where they demanded cash. The money was meant for purchasing of spare parts for his shop in town when he was due to leave for Dubai the next morning
  • August 1, a Business woman lost K6m in forex which she had just change in broad daylight and in the process shot in the hand
  • In the last 3 weeks, six houses in Area 47, Lilongwe have been attacked by armed robbers which three owners have been hacked and one has lost life
  • 8th July, robbers walked away with K2.5 million on at Catholic Secretariat in Lilongwe among the many incidents of robberies that have been happening in churches in the country