Another Cash-Gate Scandal- ESCOM House Razed Amidst Corruption Investigations

By Banthu Times Reporter

As investigations into the Cash-Gate Scandal at Capital Hill are continuing Escom House in Blantyre was razed down with fire yesterday night around 11pm. Inside sources allege that the fire incident could be an attempt by others to destroy material evidence as the ant corruption net widens. ESCOM House in Blantyre which serves as the Head Office of the parastatal organisation had its entire down floor destroyed by fires damaging property worth millions of kwachas.
.Escom House

Reports that have reached Banthu Times indicate that the fire started from the accounts section immediately after the bosses from the Accounts Section left the office around 11pm and the fire spread to the other rooms in the down floor. Reports leaked to Banthu Times state that ESCOM was being used as a cash cow to award irregular contracts to those who had close ties with some top and senior employees and the Malawi Ant Corruption organisation had already began investigations.

The ESCOM House was set ablaze when Anti-Corruption Bureau is still investigating on the Cash-Gate Scandal soon after Malawi President Dr Joyce Banda declared her government will spread the ant corruption net to catch those responsible and to close all loopholes of corruption in Malawi. Banthu Times source said that this scam was planned to destroy evidence after there are serious questions emerging on how ESCOM has been squandering government’s money , these questions have been picked up by ACB following Dr Joyce Banda promising not to spare anyone if found to have Cash-Gate government’s money.
“It is interesting, fire starts from accounts office just when ACB is on a cleansing campaign! This is one way of burying the information that was to be found by the ACB. This is another civil servant Cash-Gate Scandal games so that they may not be found out.” our source said.

Rumours allege that Escom House fire incident might be linked to allegations of corruption that ACB would have been pursuing regarding some big suppliers at Escom House namely Oswald Lutepo of International procurement Systems, Leston Mulli of Mulli Brothers and Noel Masangwi of Elvis traders about the manner and procedures of how contracts and payments were being made.

The incident happened hours after President Joyce Banda having an audience with the donors and CSO’s where she told them that her government will not spare anyone and deleted information has been retrieved in IFMIS and hours after police in Lilongwe arrested Leonard Kalonga, the Chief Tourism Officer, in the Ministry of Tourism and Culture following ACB investigations which revealed that he connived with some companies and managed to swindle moneys in excess of MK3.8 billion.

According to research done by Banthu Times similar incidents happened to Ministry of Agriculture when it was blazed into fire in 2005 also Shire Bus Lines and TVM now known as MBC TV did not miss out in fire blazing incidents. According to past evidence such incidents materialize in-order to destroy information that will put people in trouble especially one with corruption or either we call it Cash-Gate.