Susan Gama 31/8/15
It has been revealed that the Director of Ant Corruption Bureau Lucas Kondowe has had series of meetings with DPP senior party members including Peter Mutharika how to implicate former president Dr Joyce Banda in corruption cases.

Mr Kondowe who pretends to be serving the interests of all Malawians is a member of the DPP and his interests are to bring false information that tarnishes the image of Dr Joyce Banda.
“Kondowe had a meeting with Kalonga and they drove in a Toyota Land-cruiser with no number plates to meet Peter Mutharika, three other gentlemen followed them and the meeting lasted for about two hours. The aim is to bring fake information against the former president. They agreed he will make false statements with promises of short term in jail. I can confirm Lutepo was consulted as well.” Said the state house source.

Mutharika is reported to be infuriated that Dr Joyce Banda still enjoys fame and popularity worldwide and the fact that during her reign things were much better and affordable than this time, “He is very bitter that donors gave Dr Joyce Banda full support while they have not trusted him with any support that’s why he sent Lucas Kondowe to set up fake information and sensationalise lies through Zodiak Media and MBC to implicate her and destroy her reputation.”

Peter Mutharika is not new to faking information. He previously wrote girraffiti on prison cells to depict himself as a freedom fighter for an arrest about the smuggling of his brothers body to South Africa pretending he was alive and naming him Daniel Phiri, he also corruptively bought a Malawi Housing Association for 3 million kwacha while it’s real value is 78 million kwacha.

Mr Kondowe has accounting qualifications but since taking up the position of ACB Director he has destroyed evidence of Muluzi corruption scandal, Bingu theft of public funds and many cases belonging to government and friends of those in power. He is only witch hunting the opposition especially Dr Joyce Banda as directed by Peter Mutharika.