81 victims of strong winds receive relief items in Salima


Government through the Department of Disaster Risk Management has provided relief food and housing construction materials to over 80 people from Mmanga village in the area of T/A Pemba in Salima.

According to the Assistant Disaster Risk Management Officer for Salima, Blessings Kamtema said the 81 are victims of strong winds which hit the area in the second week of January and caused severe damage to housing structure leaving a number of people hopeless.

“When the winds hit the area it caused vast damage to housing structure and to some extent stored food item were spoiled and after assessment we wrote a report to government and as you can see these relief items are coming as a response to that report,” said Kamtema.

Kamtema further said that apart from the response from government Red- cross also responded with a donation of blankets to the victims.

“Today we are giving the victims a bag of 50kgs of maize , two blankets, plastic sheets for house roofing, 5 kgs of beans , and one water pail per house hold,” said Kamtema.

Speaking in an interview one of the beneficiaries Zainabu Issa thanked government for timely response.
“I am glad that government has come in to assist us, without this assistant we had nowhere to start as my house and the food Item I kept was spoiled at once,” said Issa.