5 year sentence for a Mozambican vandal

A Mozambican national will spend the next five years in jail for vandalising Mtayamoyo Bridge in Nsanje which is currently under construction.image

Bangula Second Grade Magistrate Lisboa Kaliofasi sentenced Nzeru Mailosi 35, after he was caught removing steel material on the bridge by Mota Engil guards on January 26, 2014.

Magistrate Kaliofasi said the verdict was aimed at detouring would be offenders who he said are enemies of development.
The magistrate lamented that while Government is addressing transportation challenges people are enduring in the district, some people were busy frustrating the efforts.

“People have been putting their lives at risk passing the Shire River that connects Bangula to the East Bank by boats. Government is addressing the challenge; some people are frustrating these efforts? The penalty should be a lesson to others with similar motives,” he said.

Mailosi hails from Nkhutche Village, Chief Depete in Mozambique.